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About the Game

This game is for entertainment purposes only. Whatcha Gonna Do card game and is not responsible for any injury or property damage while playing this game. Use of this game and suggestions of game play at are your own risk. We will not be liable for any loss, injuries, or damages. Additionally, we will not be held liable for any pregnancies, STD, martial dysfunction, marital dissolution, loss of limb or life while playing this game.

Pre-Play Suggestions

  •  Always Practice Safe Sex – use condoms, dental dam, and all other methods of sexual protection.

  •  If you have a history for respiratory issues, have inhalers available for rigorous activities.

  • Move all breakable and glass items before game play.

  • Provide alternatives for allergens (nut, fruit, honey, etc.)

  • Create a safe word with your partner before game play

  • Mask noise from children that live with you (noise cancelling headphones or music)

  • Most of all, have fun and let your Kink flag fly!!

1st Generation Moushwa 1.jpg
Loving Couple

Rules for Couples

·        The game can be played virtually or in-person.

·        Number of players: 2

·        Purpose: Use the game as a tool of exploration to deepen the level of intimacy and to create possibilities with your partner

Game Rules for Couples:

1.      Shuffle cards and place them face down.

2.      The oldest person in the couple is Player 1.

3.      The youngest person in the couple is the Timekeeper.

4.      One player should be responsible for keeping score.

Rules for Groups

The game can be played virtually or in-person.

Number of players: 4 or more.

Purpose: To identify the creative, kinky, and sexually aware people in your group

Game Rules for Groups:

1.      Shuffle cards and place them face down.

2.      Select a Score Keeper.

3.      Identify the older person in the group. This is Player 1.

4.      The youngest person in the group is identified and will be the Timekeeper.

5.      Other players in the group are assigned order randomly by Player 1.

All Hands In

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Level 1
Like A Virgin


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Level 2 - Busted Cherry

Level 3 - Kinkologist

Seasoned Senors Kink

Intercontinental Kink

Location Pack

Kinkdom Cum Characters

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