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  • How do I contact Customer Service?
    Please contact
  • What are the towels for?
    The towels are meant to clean up or prevention. Use your imagination.
  • Can I play this game virtually?
    Yes, you can use this with a long distance relationship or with a group a friends on a zoom or any other video conferencing application (Be prepared for a hilarious time with groups, the laughter and audacity of players is usually of EPIC proportions.
  • How can I purchase the game in person?
    Unfortunately we do not have a current retail store. We are working to get on Amazon and Walmart. We also plan to attend trade shows and conventions in the future.
  • Is this game good for those who are not creative?
    Yes, this teaches you to become more creative as you learn along the way.
  • Is this a sex game?
    It can be, but it doesn't have to be.
  • Can I purchase this game internationally - Outside of the United States?
    Right now this game is only available within the USA
  • Can this be played as a game night?
    Absolutely. This game can aid in communication and connection with your partner or to learn who your friends really are.
  • Is this a family game?
    NO, children should be playing this game, and it was not intended to played in a family setting. This game is meant to played among contemporaries.
  • Is this game strictly for the Kink or BDSM world?
    Not at all, in fact, this game plays to levels and limits of the players. It is a fun way to learn about friends or partners. It is meant to be very fun and creative.
  • Are the future characters all going to looking like Kink Doe?
    Yes and No. All future Kinkdom Cum Characters will have the same theme, but will be of different ethnicities, backgrounds and abilities.
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