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Yael R Rosenstock Gonzalez,
Founder of Sex Positive You

While at the beach with some friends who are not actively part of sex positive communities, I pulled out "Whatcha gonna do?" for some fun. There was a bit of resistance and confusion at first but after the first couple of cards, I watched them become more creative and engaged. I can definitely see myself using this with clients seeking to work on their sexual creativity muscles! 

Tonya W.,
Married for 31 years

It can become easy in marriage to become complacent with our intimacy. We can lose our sense of spontaneity and creativity, easily.. But Whatcha Gonna Do? is a must try kind of game!  It is innovative and creative allowing you and your mate to explore each other with confidence and anticipation. You have to meet Kink Doe!  What an amazing game!

Juicy J

After last night... Whatchagonnado!


The game is a great way to tap into a man or woman's creative mind. Makes you tell yourself "How freaky can I get?"


This game definitely takes foreplay to another fun level.


It's a game changer!

Jasmine Daniels, MPH
The Vagina Liberator

I had a blast playing this game during a girls’ night! I learned a lot of my friends are prudes (LOL) but we all enjoyed listening to each other’s creativeness or lack thereof! We had a blast!!

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